Big Bend Regional Medical Center CHS E-newsletter - December 2016
December 2016

4 Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday


With your favorite calorie-laden treats around every corner, the holiday season can be a tough time to stay on a diet. Here are some practical tips for staying healthy during the holiday season.

1. Give Yourself Credit

You don’t have to lose weight during the holidays to have something to celebrate. Simply putting your focus on eating healthy in order to maintain your current weight is a victory during this festive time.

2. Watch Your Glass

Calories in alcohol can add up quickly. Plan ahead and reserve calories for Grandma’s pie that only comes once a year, rather than a beer or glass of wine. Instead, drink water. Its benefits are threefold — it has zero calories, and it’ll keep you hydrated and feeling fuller so you’re less likely to overindulge.

3. Pick Your Plate

Choosing a smaller plate can help you curb the urge to overeat at buffet-style family meals. Start filling your plate with vegetables first before you select entrees or desserts.

4. Have a Chat

If you’re concerned about reaching or staying at a healthy weight this holiday season, talk to your primary care doctor. He or she knows your medical history and can suggest the course of action that’s most likely to be effective for you.

Are you planning for a “get healthy” New Year’s resolution? Get a jump on it and schedule your annual physical for January. To make an appointment with Big Bend Health Center at 432-837-0430. Need a primary care doctor? Visit to find one near you.


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